Electing someone with the right ideas and plans on how to solve the challenges we face is important, but it’s only the first step. Just as important is the ability to listen to community concerns, build bridges, and coordinate all the levers of government to get things done. And that’s exactly the experience I have and what I’ll do as councilmember for District 11.

Meet Allison

Allison Holdorff Polhill has been making a difference for her entire adult life living on LA’s Westside — as a public servant, educator, environmentalist, attorney, and parent.

That’s why Allison is running for LA City Council in District 11 — to cut through the red tape and deliver solutions to the unhoused crisis, protect the environment, improve transportation, address crime and other tough challenges at City Hall. Allison recently served as chief advisor and district director to the vice president of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), serving the communities of Westchester, Playa Vista, Playa del Rey, Venice, Mar Vista, West Los Angeles, Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, and Del Rey.

In that role, Allison has earned the nickname ‘the fixer’ because of her dogged ability to respond, listen, and solve problems at LAUSD, a district with a $20 billion budget serving 600,000 kids. Collaborating across government entities, she has been working to ensure there are safe passages for every student to get to school. And thanks to Allison’s advocacy, hundreds of teachers were able to stay at their existing schools rather than being transferred — avoiding an academic disruption for both students and teachers.

When schools shut down during the pandemic, Allison visited every school in her jurisdiction, meeting with principals to make sure the needs of each community were met. She monitored food banks where more than 140 million meals were served and was relentless in pushing for an equitable distribution of internet access and digital devices so all students had access to virtual instruction.

She delivered results to individual schools and communities throughout District 11, including:

Allison served as the Board of Education’s point person for Venice High School’s comprehensive modernization with state of the art facilities, and advocated for maintaining the community garden and renovating the school’s historic auditorium.

In Westchester, Allison has been part of the strategic planning process to create a kindergarten through high school pathway and has been securing tens of millions in funds for facilities improvements, academic, health and wellness, and athletic programs.

Allison helped deliver $20 million to Palisades High School to fund repairs to the school’s air conditioning and heating systems. She supported the expansion of a French Immersion program to increase enrollment at our local public schools.

At Uni High School in West LA, Allison worked to strengthen partnerships with the YMCA and other non-profit entities that support the incredible programming offered at the school.

Allison isn’t afraid to take on tough fights, and she knows how to win them. Her activism began as a first-year attorney, when she successfully represented three Native American tribes  preventing the nuclear industry from dumping radioactive waste on sacred grounds and into pristine aquifers connecting to the Colorado River, the water source for much of Southern California. Allison organized large swaths of the environmental community, including groups like the Natural Resources Defense Council, to join the landmark legal victory.

Her deep commitment to environmental protection continues today. At LAUSD, she assists in achieving the district’s goal of 100% clean energy by 2040, including a promising pilot solar project at 30 schools, and she is a champion for Clean Air Day, reducing plastic waste, and eliminating microplastics in the ocean.

Allison has served in a number of roles at our local public schools, including serving as a member of the Board of Trustees for Palisades High School, a school representing the diverse demographics of our city. There, she worked to balance the school’s $30 million annual budget and negotiated a new labor agreement with the United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA) an example of what happens when teachers, bargaining units, administrators, and the school board work collaboratively toward an agreement for what is best for students.

A graduate of UCLA and Loyola Law School, Allison has lived in West Los Angeles since 1983. Allison and her husband Lucius are the proud parents of three children in their twenties — all local public school graduates and now college graduates. Allison enjoys her rescue dog Felix, hikes, bike rides along the beach path, and potluck dinners at Will Rogers Beach with family and friends.


Address the Unhoused Crisis

People experiencing homelessness are suffering and need a place to stay, and it is unsafe, unhealthy and disadvantageous for neighborhoods to be surrounded by encampments. I care about our families, communities, and our fellow human beings. We need to act swiftly to deal with this crisis by demanding that we declare this crisis the emergency that it is.

Prioritize safety

Crime is tearing at the heart of our city and altering our lives. It’s made worse when criminals are released back into the community immediately after booking. We must stop turning criminals back on to our streets without full consideration through the justice system.

Protect the Environment

Addressing climate change and the threats it poses to the air we breathe, the water we drink, and our community’s natural resources must be a top priority for the City Council.

Reduce Traffic and Grow Smarter

On a daily basis, Angelenos deal with traffic and gridlock that diminish our quality of life and pollute the air we breathe. As we build much-needed new housing, we must also rethink how our City can continue to improve by streamlining the permit process with community builders in a smarter, more sustainable way that boosts access to public transit and accommodates safe spaces to walk and bike.

Support Small Business

Opening and operating a successful business in the City of Los Angeles has become more expensive, more time-consuming, and downright miserable for many entrepreneurs. Employees are harder to find because they can’t afford to live in the City in which they work, have a tough time commuting to work, and struggle to find a great education for their children. Crime and homelessness make going to work every day a dicey proposition, and employers feel as if they’ve been abandoned by City Hall and their council office. When given a choice, employers often pick surrounding communities or even other states to locate new businesses or expansion of existing operations. It’s time for action!

I don’t just talk about supporting businesses, I listen and I have a plan. I was the first CD11 candidate to have a Business Advisory Committee providing insight and suggestions from employers on how to support businesses throughout the District.

Protecting our Hillside Communities

We need to enhance our fire preparedness strategies to make sure that our communities within the hillside-wildlife interface zones are safe and know what to do in the event of an emergency. I have seen first-hand the dangers of fire in our hillside communities. I was evacuated during the Getty Fire myself. It is critical that we protect our residents within these environmentally challenged hillside communities.

Champion for Women

I will be the champion we need for women in Los Angeles. As the only mother running in this race, I know how crucial it was that I had the choice to decide whether and when to start a family. Roe v. Wade has saved countless lives and allowed women the freedom to pursue their dreams. 

I stand with Planned Parenthood in the fight for reproductive justice. I’m proud to be endorsed by Fund Her and National Women’s Political Caucus, organizations elevating women to positions of power.


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